Typist helps you correct poor typing habits

My first typing class was in elementary school. It consisted of many hours of Mario Teaches Typing, and I eventually discovered that my teacher lied when she said that the game would know if I used the wrong fingers. Needless to say, the whole concept of touch-typing never really took, much to the chagrin of my well-intentioned computer teacher.

Fast-forward to today, and though I no longer use two fingers, my typing isn’t much better than it was when I was using a Power Macintosh in my school’s computer lab. It’s a bad habit that I am both painfully aware of and reluctant to take the time to correct after so many years. Continue reading


Selecting Typing Software: Which is Best for Your Child?

Parents often call me to find out what typing software I recommend they get for their child. Unfortunately, this is a really difficult question! It really isn’t so much what software to buy as it is what your child does with it and how often they practice.

Here is what I recommend.

  •  You do not necessarily need to buy software. There are free typing tutor programs on the Internet that work just fine. CNet has several available for free and each has user ratings for you to see before you download the software. Continue reading

6 Free Typing Tutors Online That Teach You How To Touch Type

Believe it or not this is my day job. I get paid to produce content for the Web, writing mostly about technology in all its forms. This means my working day consists of two things – reading and writing. The reading part is easy. I just head online and consume information, some destined to be used for specific articles, more to act as background fodder lurking away in my subconscious to be pulled out when needed. But the writing, well, that’s a little tougher. Continue reading

Exciting Ways to Learn and Practice Keyboarding

Keyboarding is quickly becoming a necessary skill that children must learn, both for personal communication and educational/professional use. In the late 90’s, most students only had access to keyboarding in high school typewriting classes. Now, students are learning to type as early as preschool. There are a variety of typing tutor software programs and websites dedicated to typing, both subscription based and for free.  Continue reading