Typing Software Reviews – 2014

The three programs we reviewed – Ultimate Typing, UltraKey 6, and TypingMater all are great for learning how to type. However, many comparisons and contrasts can be made with all three different software packages. All three packages are great and definitely do their job. However, in our tests, Ultimate Typing was the clear winner.

The best Typing Software- Software Review Boffin Top 3 choices

Ultimate Typing

First Place Gold Medal * * * * *
Based on the products we tested, Ultimate Typing is by far the best typing tutor software on the market today. If you need to learn how to type, or improve your typing speed, Ultimate Typing by eReflect guarantees to be a helpful aid to your typing skills. The program is super easy and fun to practice with. Also the Ultimate Typing program is very simple and easy for people to use. Users can type on the computer and practice their keystrokes in just seven minutes a day.

Ultimate Typing is the best and most effective Typing Software we have tried to date. It wins because of it effectiveness, it’s instruction quality, and its revolutionary level of user friendliness.

Ultimate Typing


Second Place Silver Medal * * * *
If you are looking for a product to use that will focus on your typing and keyboarding skills from start to finish, UltraKey 6 is an acceptable product to use.

UltraKey is a decent solution and will teach you how to type. However, we didn’t like the instruction quality, user friendliness, and effectiveness anywhere near as much as Ultimate Typing.


TypingMaster Pro with Satellite

Third Place Bronze Medal * * *
TypingMaster Pro with Satellite is a good solid typing solution. It has less features than other products we tested. Also we felt that it is perhaps a little overpriced. It costs as much or more than the more comprehensive competitors. Despite this minor issue, we feel that typing master is a good solution, will definitely teach you to type, and is easily worth our bronze medal.

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